Thursday, August 27, 2015

eFLOW Power Supply/Chargers With LINQ Technology

Communicate with your security, access and fire power!

Altronix eFlow™ Power Supply/Chargers with our optional LINQ™ technology lets you monitor and control power while reporting system diagnostics from anywhere via Email/SNMP notifications. eFlow charges batteries 30-50% faster and offers an extensive complement of features including fire alarm interface. Integrate with eFlow to assure greater system functionality.

eFlow and Maximal-F Power Supply/Chargers include these additional features:

  • Supervised fire alarm disconnect
  • Over voltage protection - guards against equipment damage
  • 30-50% faster battery charging
  • Low power cutoff - protects stand-by batteries from deep discharge
  • Additional Aux. Class 2 Rated power-limited output rated @ 1 amp
  • Power LED is visible on the enclosure door
  • AC fail, low battery and battery presence supervision
  • UL Listed in the U.S. and Canada and CE Approved

Monitor, Control & Report - from Anywhere

LINQ2 - Network Communication Modules
  • Connects up to two (2) eFlow power supply/chargers to the network
  • Minimizes system downtime and eliminates unnecessary service calls, 
    which helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as creating a new source of Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR).
Monitoring & Control Functions:
  • DC output voltage
  • Output current draw
  • AC status
  • Battery status
  • Unit temperature
  • Site ID identifies installation location
  • Power supply/charger calibration
  • DC output(s) control
  • Relay control - remotely operate HVAC, lighting or security systems
Features & Benefits:
  • Facilitates quick and accurate power supply diagnostics via LAN/WAN
  • Local or remote control of eFlow power output(s)
  • Two (2) integral network controlled Form “C” Relays
  • Email and SNMP trap message notifications (instant or delayed)
  • Event log tracks history
  • Added security via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Battery Service Reminder
  • Programmable via USB or web browser
  • Includes operating software and 6ft. USB cable
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