Friday, August 19, 2016

Keep Devices Charge with the New Wall Mount Charging Station!


The Kendall Howard CM-800 Wall Mount Charging Station is one of the only thin wall mountable electronic charging cabinets on the market. It holds 8-12, 12" tablets (or laptops depending on size) and includes a power strip to charge multiple devices at once. To keep these valuable devices safe from tampering or unauthorized use, we’ve equipped the shallow cabinet with locking, dual front doors. Its low profile design makes the Wall Mount Charging Station suitable for multiple environments including offices, retail stores, classrooms, training centers, and more.

As technology and equipment continues to evolve, this is one product that will stick. It’s a universal charging and storage center that is not proprietary to any tablet or charging style. Keep your devices at an optimum battery life with the Kendall Howard Wall Mount Charging Station – a low profile solution that has power and security all in one!

CM-800 Wall Mount Charging Station Features:
  • Charge 8-12, 12" tablets (or laptops depending on size)
  • Locking, dual front doors
  • Aluminum, low profile design
  • Includes one 8 Outlet Power Strip 125V/15A
  • Includes nine Adhesive Backed Cable Holders
  • Includes one Wall Mount Hardware Kit
  • Includes two grommets
  • 75 lb. weight capacity
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thursday, August 18, 2016

NOW AVAILABLE! Dual-Path Alarm Communicator (GSM Version)

ELK-C1M14GSM Seconds count in an emergency situation to save lives and assets. ELK's new C1M1 Dual Path Communicator significantly reduces transmission time of emergency messages. It connects directly to the M1 Control and does not require dial capture or data bus decoding which leads to delays with other communicators. In addition, there is no cloud server to compromise or delay the communications.

C1M1 provides super-fast, full data communications to Central Monitoring Stations over IP and cellular pathways. Transmissions are automatically directed over the best pathway for quickest communications. Periodic tests are sent over both pathways to ensure reliable communications and C1M1 can automatically report a pathway outage over the remaining pathway.

C1M1 also supports remote access with no port forwarding or extra fees. Installers can easily activate and manage C1M1 communicators, as well as remotely program the M1 control over the IP or cellular pathway. End users can remotely arm/disarm the M1 control in addition to viewing system status, accessing recent history, and receiving email/text alerts.

CDMA Version Coming Soon!
ELK-C1M1CDMA Dual-Path Alarm Communicator

NEW! World’s First AHD LPR Camera.

Digital Watchdog® AHD LPR™ Camera is engineered to deliver the best performance in capturing license plates in extreme lighting conditions, from a range of 13 to 100 feet in moving vehicles up to 50mph. Analog High Definition (AHD) signal uses existing coaxial cable infrastructure while providing an unparalleled image quality up to 1640ft (500m) using RG59 cables. AHD technology leverages the robustness of analog signal infrastructure for a seamless upgrade to the details and clarity of 1080p high definition resolution. The camera's no fog or condensation under any conditions housing assures license plates are captured in any weather conditions.

DWC-LPR650AHD Camera Features:
  • 1/3" Panasonic CMOS
  • AHD LPR™ License Plate Recognition Technology captures reflective license plates up to 50mph with a 13'-30' Capture Range
  • Reliable Performance under Any Lighting Conditions
  • External OSD and Lens Adjustment
  • 6-50mm Varifocal P-Iris Lens
  • Smart IR™ with Intelligent Camera Sync. 100ft Range
  • Secondary Video-BNC Output
  • OSD Control via Coax Cable using UTC
  • Easy Icon Driven OSD Menu with Built-in Joystick
  • No Fog or Condensation Under any Weather Conditions
  • IP66 Certified (Weather Resistant)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Burglar alarm owners must register with Suffolk County or face hefty fines for false alarms

Source : Greater Patchogue

Suffolk County officials are urging all residential homeowners and commercial establishments to register their burglar alarms with the county or face hefty fines — even for first-time false alarms.
Registering an alarm costs $100 for businesses and $50 for homeowners.

The new Suffolk County law went into effect last month and comes in response to the 97,000 false alarms police officers responded to in 2015, which amounted to some 32,000 in wasted patrol hours, officials said.

Registered alarm owners will get two free passes for false alarms per year, after which the fees will be $100 for each residential false alarm and $250 for each false alarm at a non-residential building, including nonprofit organizations such as churches.

Non-registered alarm owners will have to pay fees for any false alarm.

A false alarm is defined in the legislation, which appears below, as an alarm signal that results in a police response for something other than an unlawful act or emergency at the home or business/organization.

The permits have to be renewed annually, and the fee for renewing a permit is 50 percent less than the initial registration fees.

The law was passed in November and went into effect June 1.
Online by clicking the ‘alarm management’ button at
In person at SCPD headquarters 30 Yaphank Avenue between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays, excluding holidays.
By mail by picking up an application at your local precinct or by downloading the permit form at Mail the completed form and fee to the AMPS Office at 30 Yaphank Ave, Yaphank, NY 11980