Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Become a Milestone Channel Partner

Together we can deliver the best solutions in the industry!

The Milestone Channel Partner Program gives you the tools and support to help you be part of something big! Whether you sell Milestone products once in a while or for large, complex installations, the partner program is designed to give system integrators, resellers and dealers of all levels the edge and expertise to deliver the best solutions in the industry. Partner with Milestone today and expand your business!

Expand your opportunities

The program has tiered partnership levels to meet your selling and support requirements, from online tools to personal assistance.

Some of the advantages and benefits of being a Milestone partner include:
  •  Enhanced margin levels
  •  Increased partner level visibility status
  •  Project pricing support
  •  24/7 access to online partner portal with sales, presales and marketing tools management 
  •  Listing in the Where to Buy section on the Milestone website 
  •  Opportunity for marketing and public relations support 
  •  Access to Sales/Solutions Engineers 
  •  Chance to take advantage of the Milestone Architecture and Engineering program 
  •  Dedicated and direct assistance from Milestone to help drive business

Partner with Milestone today and expand your business! Gain the benefits of the Milestone Channel Partner Program and the opportunity to sell all Milestone products. Please fill out the application Here.

KT&C Technical Support Videos: Networking a DVR/NVR

There are four videos in this networking series. Each video can be viewed on its own if you are already familiar with networking the units. If you are not familiar with the process, we would encourage you to watch them in order as they have information in them that is dependent on one another. Video #3 will only be necessary if you are unable to setup UPnP, which is explained in Video #2.

Video #1: Setting Up the LAN
Setting up the LAN (Local Area Network) On Your KT&C DVR or NVR
(Length 5:35)

Video #2: Setting up UPnP Port Forwarding or the NAT
Setting up UPnP Port Forwarding or the NAT (Network Address Translation)
(Length 5:29)

Video #3: Setting up Manual Port Forwarding
Setting up Manual Port Forwarding (If UPnP is not Available)
(Length 6:59)

Video #4: Setting Up the DDNS on Your KT&C DVR or NVR
Setting up the DDNS on Your KT&C DVR or NVR
(Length 4:01)

Become a TRENDnet Channel Partner

TRENDnet has invested in the success of our most important asset - the value added resellers that represent and promote our products every day. Sign up today and take advantage of the significant benefits TRENDnet's upTREND Program offers.

How do I apply to become an upTREND Partner?

Click Here to fill out the Submission Form

Become a VIVOTEK Channel Partner Program

The VIVOTEK Partner Program is designed to help our channel partners including dealers, resellers, and system integrators to grow their businesses by leveraging VIVOTEK's leading position in the fast growing network video solution market. VIVOTEK appreciates the commitments from our channel partners and will provide extended resources, services, and margins to maintain partners competitive advantage for long term success.

VIVOTEK's Channel Partner Program offers 3 levels of partnership to reward our partner's investment in selling and supporting VIVOTEK's products. The program is available to partners that are currently purchasing from VIVOTEK authorized distributors and offers numbers of exclusive benefits designed to fit partners in different partnership levels.

CPP (Channel Partner Program) General Terms and Conditions
  • Partners must apply for the program online HERE
  • During based on the MSRP of each product during the month purchased.
  • Applications will be reviewed and email advice of acceptance or otherwise will be sent within 2 business days. The acceptance e-mail includes activation link to create username / password for the CPP portal where partners will be able to find useful information including the assigned partner ID number, dedicated tech support, and etc.
  • Silver & Gold levels are determined by total quarterly MSRP purchases and compliance with VPE training requirements.
  • Discount/rebates are effective at the beginning of the quarter subsequent to the date of the email advice of acceptance into the program. Certain distributors may be able to implement this sooner. Please consult with your regional salesperson if you have questions about specific distributors polices in this regard.
  • Partner level will be reviewed quarterly for compliance with requirements.
  • Distributor must provide monthly / quarterly POS report to VIVOTEK for discount/ rebate verification. This information is required for each registered partner and must include at a minimum date of sale, SKU and QTY.
  • CPP discount/rebate only apply to day-day sales and are Excluded from project discount; however, project purchase will count towards partner’s quarterly revenue target. Project registration is limited to CPP members only.
  • CPP partners must agree to follow VIVOTEK's online MAP policy.
  • VIVOTEK reserves the right to remove partner from the Channel Partner Program, reinstatement is at the right of VIVOTEK.

Friday, June 12, 2015

NYFD Approval for the Potter PFC-6006

Potter PFC-6006 Now NYFD Approved!

Potter is proud to announce that we have received New York City Fire Department approval for our PFC-6006 sprinkler monitoring panel with IP communication as the sole path to a Central Station. The Certificate of Approval #6184 allows for either the on-board DACT, the DACT and IP, or IP as a standalone path. This new certificate now allows installers options in monitoring fire alarm monitoring in the City of New York.

• Learn more about the PFC-6006

The PFC-6006 is a six zone conventional panel designed ideally for monitoring a fire sprinkler system or another alarm system. The IP communicator allows for a single communication path and may also be used to e-mail system status to up to 20 e-mail addresses as well as the ability to send e-mail reminders.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

HD-TVI Product Introduction

Top 5 Benefits of HD-TVI Equipment

#1 Superior Image Quality 
The difference between HD-TVI & Analog is incredible. HD-TVI offers more pixels, superior resolution and the ability to zoom like no other. You need to see the difference to believe the increase in image quality. 
  • HD-TVI provides 614% MORE pixels than a traditional analog camera which translates to an AMAZING picture quality
  • HD-TVI allows you to zoom into the image after the fact without the same distortion as typical analog
  • Crisp, Clear, Un-pixelated images: Are you interested in a low cost demo to help you sell systems to your customer? Click here
#2 Triple Technology Recording
Intelligent Video Inputs with the HD-T Triple Technology Recorders offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to utilize your HD-TVI security system to its fullest potential. 
  • Connect 1080p/720p/SD Analog to ANY Input + Additional Bonus OMNI IP Channels. 
    • Connect Analog Cameras
    • Connect 1080p/720p TVI Cameras
    • Connect Bonus OMNI IP Cameras
#3 Easy & Familiar InstallationOperation over almost any wire with the ability to run long distances over coax. This can be new coax or coax that is already existing for a simple system upgrade.
  • Run More than 1500 Feet on RG6
  • Run More than 1000 Feet on standard RG59 Coax
  • Run More than 500 Feet on UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
#4 Install as a New System or Easily Upgrade an Existing System
HD-TVI will work if you are installing as a new system or if you have an existing system and would like to upgrade to HD-TVI equipment.
  • Install as a new system with new HD-TVI cameras and HD-T Triple Technology recorders.
  • Upgrade existing systems by utilizing existing wire and replacing the cameras and DVR for a simpler and more cost effective installation.
  • Upgrade existing systems by utilizing existing wire, and replacing the DVR with an HD-T DVR and retaining existing analog cameras. With HD-TVI it is easy to keep some of the existing analog cameras on your system and upgrade priority cameras with newer HD-TVI technology. Then when you are ready (and after you see the difference in quality) you will want to upgrade them all!
#5 HD-TVI Offers Superior Image Quality at a Very Cost Effective Price
HD-TVI is technology you can afford on any budget. Affordable and flexible systems!
  • Technology that offers superior quality and is affordable. 
  • Upgrade to HD-TVI for prices that are comparable with new analog systems or even more cost effective!
  • You have the option to upgrade cameras as you can afford to do so. With HD-T Triple technology recorders you can keep part of your existing system and later upgrade additional cameras. This offers a lot of flexibility and a huge savings on having to rerun wires.
  • Utilize all the FREE software and applications.
    • FREE iOS and Android Apps for phones & tablets
    • FREE CMS (Central Managment System)
    • FREE MAC Software

Click Here to View HD-TVI Security Cameras

Click Here to View HD-TVI DVR's

Click Here to View FAQ

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

World's first PoE switch with IP surveillance management functions


The VIVOTEK AW-GEV series, referred to as VivoCam PoE switch, is the world’s first PoE switch with IP surveillance management functions. This switch is not only a standard L2 PoE switch, but also able to set up and configure VIVOTEK IP cameras, NVR and CMS. With single AW-GEV series, the VivoCam PoE switch allows users to find all VIVOTEK devices and deploy a surveillance network system automatically.

The AW-GEV series also features Graphic Monitoring, such as Topology/Map view for controlling and understanding network structure and device situation, and Google Map integration to view system situation status for outdoor applications. It not only features surveillance network environment set up functions, but troubleshooting and traffic monitoring functions also help users to clarify and troubleshoot any connection or device issue. In addition, users can also back up their IP camera configuration files, and batch re-boot/re-store camera device through the VivoCam PoE switch. With all of these features and more, the AW-GEV series is the best PoE solution to install and manage your VIVOTEK devices.

Managing IP Surveillance

  • Auto Search for all VIVOTEK IP Cameras, Video Server, NVR and VAST
  • Surveillance Topology/Floor/Google Map View
  • Batch F/W Upgrade
  • Easy Grouping, VLAN Setup & QoS
  • Traffic Monitor & Trouble Shooting
  • PoE Status

Managed L2 PoE Switch
  • Supports DHCP Server
  • Supports IPv4 Static Routing
  • Supports Loop Detection for Maintenance
  • Supports 802.1d (STP), 802.1w (RSTP) and 802.1s (MSTP)
  • Supports LACP and Static Link Aggregation
  • Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 for Management
  • PoE Management
Click Here to View AW-GEV-104A-130
Click Here to View AW-GEV-264A-185
Click Here to View AW-GEV-264A-370