Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Explosion Proof Thermal IP Cameras with Radiometric Functions

Videotec Maximus MVXT IP Camera

Videotec Maximus MVXT stainless steel explosion-proof IP thermal cameras with radiometric functions.

Videotec's new IP thermal cameras offer temperature detection based on 4 central pixels of the image. The advanced version allows the temperature of an object to be measured at any point by means of defining a specific area within the image.

In addition, radiometric functions offer optional temperature limit settings which activates an alarm when temperatures exceed a setting.

These features are well suited for hazardous location applications, like flare stack monitoring or temperature monitoring of critical systems. Flare systems require pilot flame confirmation for safe operation insuring there is an ignition source for expelled gases. The MVXT series camera creates an alarm in the event of a loss of pilot flame.

Machinery that must be shut down for repairs results in significant losses to production and leaks in equipment may pose safety threats to employees. The MVXT series camera detects overheated machinery, belts, and pulleys, and thermal leaks to alert operations managers to potential issues and increase operational uptime.

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New firmware 2.2.0 available for DELUX line up and MMX series cameras.

The new firmware reflects Videotec commitment to cyber security, including:
  • Resilient software architecture
  • IEEE 802.1X
  • Digitally signed firmware files
  • HTTPS support
  • GDPR conformance for streaming
  • Keys and certificates management
  • Strong encryption
  • Certificate-based client authorization
Main improvements in v2.2.0 Include:
  • Added support for ONVIF Advanced Security features: keys management, certificates management, certification paths management, certificate revocation lists management, client certification management
  • Added configuration to set the TLS versions to be used by the device